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Safari is the Swahili word for travel. A safari in Kenya is a true life adventure! We may assist you to arrange exiting excursions in the nearby surroundings, and to further away destinations all over Kenya. We are not a travel agency, the trips will be organized by independent agents or agencies that we know and trust. 

Day Trips

You can rent a fishing boat, or you can also rent one of the local sailing boats …an unforgettable experience.

In the waters you may spot the friendly giant whale shark (worlds largest fish, 18 meters, not dangerous / no teeth), large marlins, dolphins, sail fish, barracuda, dorado, tuna, king fish, bonito, and sea turtles.

If you travel to the the exiting Ramisi river you can spot crocodiles, rare monkeys and birds. A lunch may be served on an unspoilt sand island.

In Shimoni you can dive in the ocean reserve and spot abundance of reef fish. In the town itself a visit to the slave caves is recommended. There is also very nice snorkling trips to Wasini Islands, where the coral reefs are protected.

Shimba hills and the Elephant Sanctuary is a wonder with lush green jungle, exiting waterfalls and rare animals like the large Sable antelope. Herds of elephants and buffalos are normally easy to spot. Walking safaris can be arranged.

Mombasa with its arabic souks (old town) and bazaars is always an attraction together with the famous Portuguese fortress, fort Jesus..

Overnight Excursions and Safaris

Tsavo east and west, the largest game reserves in Kenya, are only 4-5 hours drive away. Here you find high mountains, green valleys and dry plains. You may also fly there from the local Ukunda airstrip, takes about 25 minutes.

If you want to go to safari for several days in any of the other parks, we do recommend Erikson Rover safari at roversafari.com. Here you can rent a car for self drive, or with a driver. Roversafari can also rent out tents and camping equipment, if you prefer to stay in the bush/parks, but you can of course also stay at any of the lodges. Erikson Rover Safari is located in Nakuru, but they can meet you and pick you up at any airport / location in Kenya. From the local airstrip at Ukunda (just 25 minutes from Kaskazi) you can easily fly to any of the safari destinations.

The snow capped Kilimanjaro can be seen in the distance from Tsavao, or you can camp at the mountain foot in Amboseli. Both in Tsavo and Amboselu you may encounter the main games in Kenya. You will find some of the best lodges in Kenya in the parks. There are some very exclusive private game sanctuaries close to Tsavo, and we can help you to arrange trips to for example Salt Lick.

Just half an hour drive from Kaskazi Boutique Guest House you can catch flights from Diani/Ukunda airfield to almost every destination in Kenya. The air-carriers are professional and reliable. We can refer you to some of the agencies and the best lodges in Masai Mara and Meru. Among other destinations are Lamu, Aberdare, Mt. Kenya, Samburu, Zansibar, Killimanjaro and many more.

Golf Courses

There are several opportunities for golf. We may assist you with transport to the golf course in Diani, only 25 km away. If you want to travel often in the local area, we may assist you to get a rental car.